Live VideoWall App Bewertungen

Lacking Features

Support for multiple screens is lacking. There is not an option to select a single screen to use.

total crap

works like crap

Just what I wanted... with one minor exception

This app is exactly what I wanted with one minor complaint. The videos are beautiful and there is plenty of variation. It has worked flawlessly with no technical issues and no perceptible performance impact. The only frustration I've had is that I can't get it to start automatically at login while staying hidden. There are no settings for controlling login behavior. I have added it to "login items" with the "hidden" box cheked and it does start automatically when I log in. However, the app remains open and I have to close it to get it out of the way. I'm sure this is somethignt hat can be fixed in a future release.


Really good animations, and this one doesn’t slow my computer to crawl the way another animated desktop app I bought did. I have no idea what the guy who wrote a negative review is even talking about. I think if you’re going to be negative you should be more clear. I’m running a 13” first generation Retina display Macbook Pro and it’s all good. I’m not as fond of the unrealistic or abstract choices; I stick with the realistic ones; clouds, seascapes, and so on.

Do not waste your money!

Let me be the first and hopefuly only person to say that was 6 bucks down the drain. Buggy, no controls to control how often the screens switch so you get a jitter every 20 seconds which pretty much makes this a utter waste.

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